Wednesday, August 3, 2011

My BFF from 7th grade.

My BFF Beth from JR high came to visit last weekend.
On my first day of 7th grade she asked me if I would be her locker partner and we have been friends every since.
I love Beth and her family so much it's amazing that we have stayed in touch over the last 25 years.

I know she loves me to and I am confident she will still love me after I share this silly picture.
The angel was so odd that it looked like I photoshoped her head to make it look huge.
It makes me laugh every time I see it.

I also love her little Brantley I could have kept him.
He made me laugh all night long.
He also gives the sweetest hugs.

Here are our kids together minus my 2 oldest.
It was so fun to see our kids inter act together.

Of course I had to get the hubby's in the pick.
I am so grateful for Beth's hubby they drove quite a bit out of their way to see us.
He new Beth and I need to be together again.
I am so glad we moved now Beth and I are only 6 hours away.
Hopefully Job willing I will be able to see her for her Birthday in 3months.

Anyone else want to come see me?


mike said...

I do! I want to come and see you!

mike said...

This is donna btw!

Elizabeth said...

Jennifer I am not sure I can still love you after you posted that awful picture! Hummm. Ok I will forgive you this once, but the next pictures better be a little better of me. You ALWAYS Look great!

Thank you Wilderness Family! We had so much fun and hope to see you again soon.