Sunday, August 14, 2011

He should be in Kindergarden!

I have been extra weepy this week I know most of the reasons why.
August for the last 6 years have been hard for me.
Compiled with everything else that's been going on I have been extra sensitive.
Today at church a sister was asking me about my kids and if I was happy they were going back to school tomorrow.
She then asked how old my youngest was I said he was 7 and would be in 2nd grade.
She then asked me how old William would be, when asked this question or any question about William I never have issues answering.
This time was different I said he would be 5 and burst into tears as I said and realized he would be starting Kindergarten tomorrow.
I did not expect this reaction the poor sister sitting next me started crying too.
She just hugged me.
Then it was time to sing the opening song for RS witch just happened to be Family's can be together for ever .
I couldn't sing so I just cried.
It still blows my mid that 5 and a half years have come and gone.
{Sigh }tomorrow will defiantly be a bitter sweet day.


ter@waaoms said...

Jen, I feel the same way. My babybear would be turning 6 in October, had she been born on her due date. (she was born in July, so she has already been gone for 6 years. :( ) Our cut off date for kindergarten is in November I think (or it was the last I heard, but not sure) so I think she would have been in kindergarten this past year. But nonetheless, I know it is so hard to think of the milestones we are missing with our babies.

shaina said...

Every step of the way, when I think of all Georgie as accomplished and learned, I think of William.
I'm blessed to have known him, and to have him watching over Kimble.

Jean said...

When our first (of 4) went to kindergarten.... I asked my DH to take him cause I knew I would be reduced to tears.... hmmm sound familiar? Anyway... it was a private kindergarten... and so DH was standing waiting for the teacher to dismiss the parents... and our son called him over to him... "Dad, you can go home now"! Yep.... that would have been all she wrote for me!!! Sorry to say it gets worse... wait until the last one graduates High School! Aurgh!!!
I cried with each of our kids as they passed that milestone... it's a great accomplishment... but it sure makes you think of the "next important event" in their lives!
We have 1 son, (our first child) and then 3 daughters... when our son went on his mission... (this is when they still let you go to the mission home to see them off. We said good bye and then hurried off to Burger King b/4 making the trip home. The rest of the family went to the rest rooms... I was ordering food and ordered enough for our "son" too... and the guy looked at me when I realized what I had done! I (of course) started to cry and he says to me.... "You just dropped someone off at the MTC didn't you?"
Yep... I carry a bed sheet for a hanky!!! Good Luck tomorrow! Hang in there.... he will be sooo excited and have sooo much fun and make sooo many friends... and just think.... you have an entire couple of hours all to yourself!

Yarni Gras! said...

I'm so sorry you have to feel the lose must be such a burden to bear. Hold tight to the knowledge that you will be reunited, all in God's time....