Thursday, August 11, 2011

Trying to stay postive.

Today I woke up feeling so depressed and defeated.
I am generally positive and can see the bright side of every situation.
All morning I just felt like I was trying to swim up stream in molasses.
I tried exercising and lasted 1 minuet. I just had no energy to do it.
I went and took a hot shower and just cried ok more than just cried I sobbed.
I felt a little better so I decided to make my bed and clean my bathroom.
I then said a simple prayer asking for comfort and peace.
I then took out my pactrartical blessing and read it.
Doing all these thing made me feel better and remedied me that Heavily Father is always with me he knows my thoughts my desires and my need and wants and most inportainely he loves me.

Being unemployed is just so hard.
I know we aren't as bad off as others in fact we are blessed to have money in the bank and food storage.
I just get scared that if Dale dose not get a job soon our money will run out and our food will all be eaten
On top of the stress of being unemployed our renters in Alaska aren't paying there rent on time in fact they are 11 days late so we had to pay our rent here in the springs and our mortgage on our home.
If our renters in Alaska don't start paying rent on time it looks like we will have to evict them .
If that happens we will have to pay rent on two houses until we get new renters and with no money coming in I don't see how we could do it.
Sometimes I swear when it rains it pours . I am just waiting for the good stuff to start pouring down.

OK enough wining I just need to get my stress out.
On a positive note all my laundry is done folded and put away thanks to the great amazing kids I have!


Cherie said...

That is super stressful!!
I will keep you in my prayers that you and your husband can find jobs!!
The renter thing is tough too - Oh my!!


shaina said...

Laundry is a huge accomplishment! However, I can feel your struggles. It's been a long test of faith for you, and hope the reward comes fast!

Yarni Gras! said...

still praying for you here in Slidell...

ter@waaoms said...

I totally relate. I have either been unemployed, under employed or laid off in the last few years. I have now run out of money completely. Hoping I will get another job with more hours soon. I hope the same for you too. Not a fun place to be.