Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Catch up #2 Prom 2012 Mylissa and Jack

A little over a week ago Mylissa went to prom.
She looked stunning and the best part was she new it.
I loved her reaction when she was all dressed up.
She made me smile when she said Mom I look and feel like a princess.
Every girl should have a moment like this.

My favorite part of the night was when her date saw her walking down the stairs.
Jack sighed and said Mylissa you look so pretty the only way I could describe it is it was like something out of a Disney move.
It was also sweet the way he could not keep his eyes off her.
They had me take a ton of pictures of them and I was happy to do it.
We went down to the fountain in our neighbor hood and snapped away.

This was my favorite picture of the night Mylissa looks perfect.

This one made me laugh.

This one looks like an add.

This one is fun to.

Mylissa in the fountain.

Oh yeah the beautiful dress was bought at Ross for 20 dollars right before school started when we saw it we fell in love and new it was the perfect dress for her and it was.


ter@waaoms said...

she looks great! Glad she had a nice evening.

Elizabeth said...

She looked like a princes! I am so happy she was able to attend prom her senior year. P.s. your pictures are great!

Yarni Gras! said...

no way could I find a dress like that for 20 bucks! and she looks so lovely in it!