Friday, May 25, 2012

The shotput king!!

Garrett is our all star when it comes to sports he plays everyone he can and excels in all of them.

This was his first year in Track as his coach said he rules the track.
In track you can only do 4 advents if it was up to coach Garrett would be in all of them.
This year Garrett Ran the 4x 4 relay and the 400 every meet but one he won the reason he did not win the one time was because he pulled his hamstring half way through the race but came in second only 1 second behind the winner.

He also jumps the running long jump 16 ' 4'' was his best jump this year beating school records.
The most amazing advent he participates in is the sho put.
I say amazing because he is amazing at the shotput. I don't just say this out of momma pride but because the scores and numbers speak for them self's.

When throws the shot put it takes my breath away he has  the perfect stance and he can throw that thing so far.
Just to give you some understanding the ball weighs 12 lbs they have this circle the stand in they have the ball up to there shoulder  next to there chin and  then they throw it .
At his first track meet was the first time I ever have seen Garrett throw the shotput  there was a bunch of us parents standing around and when it was Garretts turn you should have heard the whispers They went something like this.
Is that kid a 7th grader?
That kid must be on steroids do they test for that steroids at this age.
That kids a Goliath.
That kid must have been held back a few times.
He is defiantly a ringer.

I kinda chuckled and held my tong.

Then Garret threw the shotput at an amazing 33 feet 10 feet more than any other 7 th grader threw and further than any 8th grader.
 You should have heard the mummbeling then.
Dang that kid is amazing.
That kid has talent.
That kid could go to the Olympics one day.
That kid is strong.
My favorite from a 5 year old " I want to be like that kid when I get big Daddy. The Dad replied me too.

I just said Great job Garret and they all looked at me and said are you his mom.
I was in flip flops so I was super short that day.
I smiled and said yep and by the way Its all the Alaska sunshine he had growing up that made him that big and that strong.
I have to to say I love being the mom of a track star.

After playing every sport but football this year Garret defiantly loves Track the most.

Hes begging to play lacrosse and rugby so we will see is we will add those to his many sports he plays.
I on the other hand will stick to the sport of shopping thats the one sport I totting rock at.

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Yarni Gras! said...

what a wonderful post! Congrats to Garret!