Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Catch up part 1 Wicked!!

The last week end in April I went with Dale to go and see Wicked one of my favorite plays ever.
Dale went begrudgingly he thought the tickets cost too much and was in a grumpy mood . He could not understand my excitement.
I have been to many big and little productions I grew up seeing musicals and plays and love the theater Dale has gone to none.
He did go to a small production of the nutcracker with me and he loved it.
I went to Wicked in Denver two and a half years a go with my sister and her best friend so i new it would be good.

The day finally came we had bought the ticket 2 months prior so I was so excited planed what I was wearing and then changed my mind a hundred times.
I thought a simple black dress pearls and a fun jacked would do the trick.
Dale wore business dress I have no pix of him because we kept for getting.

We went to Denver got the best parking space went down the street from the theater and ate Indian food for the first time. 
I loved it!!
Then the time was to come for the show to start.
We got in to the theater and the usher showed us to our seat and we were sure it was wrong.
We were all by our self's in the handi caped seating we were bummed at first but then as time went on we loved where we were seated it was like having privet boxed seats. The was advantage of these seats were close to the door witch made a big differences when intermission hit and I was first to the bathroom..

We were center row and could see every thing.
Once the curtains went down and the show started I felt like a little girl again.
I was on the edge of my seat the whole time.
I kept glancing over at Dale and he looked like he was having a good time.
When intermition hit I asked Dale what he thought and he said he loved it,he kissed me and said thank you for making me go.
I was happy that he loved it and I think I created a theater monster he has been looking around for more plays to watch.

I loved this sign that was next to the theater enjoy your "Wicked" evening and we did!

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shaina said...

I go in four days. Whahoooo!!