Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Grandpas Tree

When ever we go to Grandpas house the first thing Ben does is climb Grandpas tree.
As you can see he brought a special stick with a rope on it to help him climb the tree.

He spent hours climbing the tree and attaching the rope to the tree.

He attempted to climb down the tree with the rope but the stick feel and he caught himself with his legs.
He was very proud of himself that he did not fall out of the tree he said its because he is a man and very strong.
We here that a lot form Ben I can do this because I am a man.
My husband often reminded him he is only a 7 year old man and there for he can only do thing that 7 year old Men should be doing.

I love watching Ben climb Grandpas tree I hope that he gets to do it for many years to come.

Madeline likes to climb Grandpas tree too but needs Bens help to get down.

It is so darn cute hearing him give her instructions he is very patinet and proud of her when she finally gets down.

I hope that one day our trees in my back yard are big enough for my Grand kids to climb on.

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