Wednesday, May 23, 2012


I was talking with Dale last night about all our many blessing we have had of lately. Someday I just want to pinch my self to make sure this is all real.
I could not help but think about how life was for us just one year ago.
A year ago today I was setting in the V-ho with a bunch of my good girlfriends from Alaska having one last pie night before I moved. (we called it pie night but I don't think we ever ordered pie the whole 5 years we had pie night.)

Tracy and Roxy

Nancy and Val

Sandy and Rebecca

Tami and I

I love these girls and miss them tons.

I remember how scared I was to make this move there was so many unknowns.
We did not sell our house but rented it out we did not have a job or a place to live in Colorado.
All we new was that Colorado Springs was where we needed to be.
We literary moved with blind faith.
The day before we left we ran into our Bishop in the parking lot of Walmart he gave us the best advise with out even knowing it.
He said all you need to do is do it move to Colorado and when you get there make the next move find a place to live the next step is to find a job.
It sounds like simple advice but it was what we needed at the time.
We needed to quit worrying about the whole picture and take it step by step.

I am not going to say that these steps were easy because if you read my moving story you will know it was the move from Hell.

We did find a house to rent and loved where we were and the amazing church family we had.

The hardest step was finding a job in a bad economy, there was much stress in this step.
Dale eventually found a job at first it was not what he wanted but that job led him to the current job he has now a job that he loves.

I really am shocked some days how blessed we have been.
I know it is through the mercy and love of a father in Heaven who hears and answers our prayers.
I know that when we pour our hearts out to the Lord he hears us and knows our needs.
I also know that our prayers are not always answered the way we want then to be or in our time but he dose answer our prayers they way he see fits and they way that helps us learn and grow.

I am so great full for my life and for the wonderful family I have to share it with.
As I say often I am such a lucky girl.


ter@waaoms said...

yes, you are very lucky. I hope that the luck will spread to me soon. glad things are working out well for you!

Yarni Gras! said...

I remember all those scary posts and am glad that is all behind you.

Anonymous said...

yeah. thanks for posting such a lovely photo. but, i guess that is totally me ;-) miss you friend.