Monday, May 28, 2012

Remembering William

This week end we went down to Cheyenne to to spend memorial day with my in laws.
While we were there we took the 20 minute drive out to visit Williams grave. 
It has been a little over a year for Dale and I but 6 years for my children.
This was the family picture we took the last time we were there.

Here we are now the minus the two older girls.
It was super windy I really thought we were going to blown away.

We all put roses from Grandpa Wilderness garden on Williams grave.

Ben and Maddie spent some time talking to William.
I captured this sweet moment when Ben was telling William about his cool rock and stick collection.
I always love vising Williams grave but I am not going to lie it kills me every time I see the dates on his grave stone. 
As always I wish William would have had more time on earth even tho his time was short I am eternally great full for those amazing 17 days we had with him.
We love and miss you William 

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ter@waaoms said...

so bittersweet. I wish he had more time with you too, though I know you are grateful for the tiem you did have with him. ((hugs))