Sunday, June 17, 2012

The best Father and Grandpa!

This morning as I read a letter that my husband wrote our oldest son who will be going to church camp on Monday I was reminded how blessed I am that he is the father of our children.
He is kind, patent, loving, funny, full of surprises and very romantic.
He is tender and loving full of divine inspiration and an amazing teacher.

One of my fondest memories of my husband is the first time he saw our first child I will never forget to awee and wonder in his eyes as he held his tiny little girl for the first time.
I new he would always love and protect her, I saw that same awee and wonderment and pride on the day his tiny little girl became a wife.
My proudest moment and fondest memory of my husband is the day our youngest child was born, the way held and loved William was so tender to watch.
In all honesty I was afraid he would choose not to bond with him because fear of how painful it would be knowing he would loose him shortly.
Instead I watched as our little son stole his heart and saw him fall in love with him it was very tangible and such a tender moment to witness.

Last but not least I loved watching my husband hold our sweet little grandson and
our little grandson loved having his Grandpa hold him too.

I love you my sweet heart thank you again for being the man that you are Happy Fathers day!!



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