Thursday, June 28, 2012

Landscaping is in!!

I am so happy to have our landscaping in .
I was so tired of the dirt yard we had since we moved in .
My son Been misses the dirt but is glad that we have a big dirt hill in the lot behind us.
Here is my front yard because it is so dry here we went with a zero landscaping in the front meaning we have no grass.
I love the path ways Valentin made he did an amazing job!

Here is a little closer look.

I love the little flower bed he made under my window.

Here is our little grass that we have in the back yard.
On the right we are going to put a fire pit in later this summer.
See our lovely dirt hill (Not)

Another view

We love all the little paths we have 

Now I need to get furniture for my yard so we can have party's out there.
I love how every thing turned out and I am so happy it is done.
Valentine was an amazing landscaper to work with.

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