Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Pray For Colorado Springs

My heart is breaking as I watch our city burn.
I am in shock and my heart is breaking for all those that have lost home.
Dale has been on the phone non stop with co worker who have been evacuated.
As of now one of his coworkers have lost their home.
Please pray for the safety of the fire fighters and for all those who have lost homes and whose homes are in danger.
Last but not least pray for rain.


ter@waaoms said...

wow, how far is that from your home? I hope it will extinguish soon.

jennifer robin said...

Jen, I thought I read somewhere that a friend of your husband had lost his home. Is there anything that we can do to help! Collection of clothes or something like that? Of course it would all be new, not used!! I need sizes, etc...just let me know!! LOL !!!