Wednesday, June 20, 2012

A little apron fun!!

I cant believe its really been over a year since I made an apron last.

I woke up this morning ran 5 miles ate then started right a way on this apron.
It only took 30 mins and I was done.
I had the same trill of excitement I always get when I was done.
I thought to my self why don't I sew more often any more.
Really could not come up with a good answer.
I do think I have the bug again maybe you will see some more of my creation.

I think its a bit too long 

But I love the color combo.

I think the next project I will be making is some curtains .
Then baby things for my new grand baby when he or she is born in a few weeks.
Hopefully I will be making pink things;)


shaina said...

I got stuck on the "ran 5 miles" part. Still trying to love running...but cute apron! Yay for sewing bugs!

Malory {Snips & Spice} said...

Yeah, I am also a little stuck on the "ran 5 miles" part. I don't think I will ever be a runner.

This came out beautifully! I love the colors you chose. I would love for you to link up to Snips & Spice Sunday Slice this week.


Western Warmth said...

What a gorgeous apron. I love your blog!


Erika Marsh said...

I love aprons! I agree the color comb is sweet!

Erika Marsh said...
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Jessica at Me Sew Crazy said...

saw your apron over at Sugar Bee Crafts link party. Very cute! But what led me to comment was your header photo - that is simply fantastic! Glad to have found you :)