Sunday, June 24, 2012

Where there is smoke there is fire

Yesterday as we headed out to the pool we noticed that there was a smoke coming from the mountains.
While at the pool we learned it was Waldo Canyon a popular hiking spot here in the springs. its about 20 mins from where I live.

As the day turned into night the fire kept going there were many middle of the night evacuations.
The fire fighters have been diligently fighting this fire but still have no containment.
Over 3,000 archers have been burned and over 1,100 people have been evacuated out of there home.
I can only image how hard this is for these family's.
One of the town that have been evacuated is Mantou springs where I hiked the incline.
I was planning on hiking with two of my friends on Tuesday and one of my friends joked that only a natural disaster would keep her away.
This morning as she was fire proofing her yard as ashes rained down  in her yard we cried at her words.
Never when she made that comment would she have ever thought this would happen.

I took this picture this afternoon of the suns rays peeking through the clouds it reminded me of the heavens being open.
Benny even asked if the fire was happening because the 2nd coming was happening and when he saw the sun rays coming out of the clouds he asked again.

I told him I did not think so he then said maybe we should pray that fire would end and pray that nobody's house gets on fire.
So we did we prayed for all  in harms way.
I ask that everyone who reads this post to please do the same.

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