Saturday, June 30, 2012

Fabric airplane tutorial

I got an email the other day asking me if I was ever going to make a tutorial for the fabric airplane that I made last September.

I kinda remembered taking pictures with the intentions of making a tutorial so I looked on my computer and sure enough I had.

So Elizabeth Here you go.
two types colors of  scrap fabric 
stiff interfacing
a sewing machine
rick rack if you want
a noisy wrapper of some sorts I used a baby wipe wrapper

Cut the fabric and interfacing into 8.5 x 8.5

iron the interference to the wrong side of one of the squares

My hand is in the way but if you want rick rack smoke baste the at the bottom of the other fabric
if you chose to make use a noisy wrapper place it at the top of the same square and sew across the top or have a wrapper big enough for the whole square and baste around the whole thing.
Then place right sides together  and sew around the whole square leaving a small opening for turning.

then turn the fabric

now you need to pen the opening and sew a 1/4 in stitch around the whole square

Next iron into an airplane shape

after you are done ironing the airplane shape sew across the top of the airplane placing rick rack across the top if you want.

Next iron the crease down the middle and sew across the long way of the airplane  then a little stitch across the nose then iron the flaps and your done.
Hopefully I did not confuse you too much.

My sweet Benny loves them and so do the many little boys I have made them for.

Hopefully your little boys will like them too.


Anonymous said...

This is so cute, I have a bunch of boys that are going to get this for christmas, or sooner if I I cant wait that long.

Crafts a la Mode said...

This is very cool. Wow. I've seen some nifty things made with fabric and this is one of them. Best wishes, Linda

Amber said...

I'm actually getting ready to do one of these up in a flower print for my little girl's 4th birthday! She loves paper airplanes, just like her big brother and will absolutely flip when she gets one so sturdy!!

Sandra :) said...

Thanks for an adorable project --- I made 2 of them today and posted a photo to my blog (linking back to you) - I'll be making more of these for Christmas gifts!