Thursday, June 21, 2012

Summer Solstice!

Yesterday was the official first day of summer and one of the coolest ones we have had in a week.
It was the perfect night for a listing to music in the park.
One of the great things about our neighborhood is the weekly concert series in the park.
The Concerts started last week we did not get to go because we were busying a car so this week we decided to stop by for a while .

We had fun setting on the lawn listing to the music and chatting with our friends,
Garrett did not want his picture taken.

Ben would only take goofy shots.

And Madeline wanted a pictuer with her mommy.

And the mommy wanted a Picture with her Hot sexy man.

We had a lot of fun and plan to go back next week with a nice picnic dinner.

So far this has been a really fun summer that is going by way to fast.

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