Thursday, October 11, 2007

I have Been Tagged!

Here We go Shaina Girl!

5 things I was doing 10 years go

1. I was 6 months pregnant with Robbie Our first boy!

2. I was Shelly's Joy school Teacher

3. I was room Mom for Kadies 1st grade class( She is a senior now)

4.I was getting ready for Halloween.

5. I was living in Kansas

5 things on my to do list today.

1.Pay my dentist bill

2. get Milk

3. Do the laundry

4.Make something yummy for diner

5. paint my toe nails

5 snacks I enjoy

1.Godiva Chocolate

2. chips and peach and mango salsa

3.Carmel Apple dip

4.onion rings

5.vegges and dip

5 songs I know the lyric to

1.Girl Friend

2. Girls just want to have fun

3.Foot loose

4. Any primary song

5.your still the One

5 of my bad habits

1.I talk to much

2. I give way to much information

3. I eat too much junk food.

4. I procrastinate.

5.I yell some times (OK too much)

5 Things I would do as a Millionaire

1. I would take a family Vacation .

2.I would build a big house so all my kids could have there own room

3.I would travel the world.

4. I would get a boob job!!!

5. I would go shopping at Ross All The time!!

5 Things I will never ware again

1. Maternity clothes

2. Ugly clothes

3. Pasties

4. something that was not in style.

5. A G- string (well maybe just a few more times)

5 of my favorite toys
I better not name any of the naughty ones

1. All my clothes ( I love playing dress up)

2. Dale

3.The computer

4.My Beads and jewelry making stuff

5. All my scrap booking stuff

The people I am going to Tag ;)


2. Teri

3. Lisa

4. Tracy

5. Shea

OK that was fun !! Maybe a little too reveling.
Can't wait to see what you guys write


Ter said...

ack! did you tag me or is there (pretty please) someone else by the same name? lol

Jen Sue Wild said...

Yep girlfriend its You! I can hardly wait to see how you answer the Questions.

Becky Heisler said...

Thanks for posting on my blog Jennifer!! Cool reading your tag answers, helps to get to know you better! :)

Ter said...

ugh. I'm going to have to think of a few answers. lol.

Ter said...

There. I did it. :)