Sunday, October 21, 2007

Snow men and the winter moon

Yesterday we woke up to a descent amount of snow on the ground . My kids were so excited to be able to go sledding and to build a snow man. Witch they did both yesterday . In the words of Garrett "Mom we totally slid down some narley hills" LOL

The veiw from our windowwas just breath takeinglast night. At dusk we looked out the window and saw the most beautiful moon complementing our lovely snow capped mountains.

I am grateful for the pleasure of seeing them everyday and I never get sick of them it's always like looking at a new painting. ( it beats going to Ross any day)

In the words of Ben "I am glad Jesus made mountains for Benny he must love me" He always says look at my mountains they are so peddy. That to me is worth never going to Ross again .

I am glad we chose to move here to Alaska and I am grateful for the beauty and the people that I get to see every day. Jesus must love me.


shaina said...

Snow snow snow. Well, you've got something on us. It's fun to play.

Ter said...

You just keep that snow there, you hear?

But I'm glad you have beauty in the mountains to look at every day. :)

Sassy said...

fun times :)

Gabrielle Beck said...

How fun...and WHAT? Never going to Ross again? OH I'M SAVING THIS BLOG! :)