Monday, October 8, 2007


Everyone knows I love living here I just don't like to shop for clothes here.

I decided to quit whining and do something about it. My goal is to find fashionable good quality clothes for not a lot of money( yes here in Alaska. ) The goal is 2 to 3 new outfits a month with out spending over$ 50.dollars I am a great bargain shopper so I know I can do it. (With out my Buddie Ross)

This weekend I got 3 shirts and one dress and only spent 32.50. Boy did it feel good to get new clothes I felt like a little kid on Christmas morning. It was such a rush (Now i sound like a drug addict) As you cant tell I am happy and fell like my old self again.

This is the dress I got this weekend I spent a whopping $10.52 on. Whoo

It is just so stinking cute. The original price$.55

OK so this is not the best pic of me, My arm and hand looks super huge. Plus I need some bling on my wrist..

I'll just blame the bad pic on the weather It was so cold out and I was freezing. I thin it was about 22 degrees (Man I am so white I really need to get a tan.)


shaina said...

Suuper cute Jennifer! Where'd you get the dress?
Love ya!

Jen Sue Wild said...

Thanks I got the dress at JC pennys.

Lizabeth said...

You are such a Hot Mommy. Did you get the discount thing I sent for 20% off at JC Penney for Friends and Family this weekend? Let me know if you need the link so you can spend more money. Love Ya.

Ter said...

You Bargain Shopper You.

Shea said...

I think we share a mild shopping addiction. I found a super cute dress at JC Pennys this year and it surprised me. Good find.