Sunday, October 7, 2007

OK so I am kinda a dork!

First let me say thanks for all the great Quotes that you have sent.
I think I am going to put the one Rosa suggested on the wall above my stairs.
A day with out laughter is a day waisted (Charlie Chaplin)
I have not yet found the right one for my living room. So keep the suggestions coming.

I made this LO of Robbie and Garrett. I was very pleased on how it turned out until I realised I spelt surprise wrong. Which is kinda funny because that's just typical of me

So now I am in this dilemma do fix it and add the R or do I keep it the way it is?


LilNisser said...

I would add the "r" - overlap the "u" and "p" just a bit with the letter r. It's a shabby chic page - I think the overlapped letters will give it some depth. TOTALLY CUTE PAGE!!!!

Ter said...

I agree. just overlap the U & P and then it looks like the R is a Surprise! ;)