Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I am growing up mom.

Madeline came to me very excited Sunday and said mom look at my face.
I said Madie your face is beautiful. She said I know thats not what I am talking about.
She again said look at my face with a sheepish grin.
I was still not sure what I was looking at or for.
Madie then shouted out do you see it mom?
Do I see what Madie?
The red mark on my face.
Oh you mean the zit.
She almost swooned with joy when she heard me say the word zit.
She squealed with delight it is a zit.
I am so excited this means I am growing up mom.
I just sighed and said yes Madie you are growing up.
She then said in a little whisper next I will get boobs and then I will be a woman.
I almost peed my pants trying to hold in the laughter.
She just cracks me up.
She really wants to be older.
I think it is hard for her to be the youngest girl with 3 older sisters.
She wants to be just like them except cooler and nicer to Mom according to her.
We will see I bet when she is 13 she will be embarrassed by me too .
I secretly hope not.


Ande said...

I can not imagine her with boobs and she won't like those zits for long. How funny, I bet you were rolling. I keep thinking of her as a little 5 yr old.

jewelstreet said...

Ha! That's funny. I love it.

Joelle said...

HA! Awesome! Hi from SITS!

Joy said...

Gosh that's adorable! And so is she!

Nicole said...

Typical! When we were young we wanted to be older and now that were older we want to be young again!

Ter said...

lol, good thing you took this pic then when she is older and complains about her zits you can say "you used to be excited about zits! " and show her the pic. ;)

Bee and Rose said...

Oh to be excited about zits again! That is the cutest post! It makes you just want to give her a big hug! So cute!

Supercool Hotmama said...

What a doll! She definitely seems to be your girl.

mamaduck said...

Madelyn and Billy are thrilled to start puberty! They saw pamphlets at the pediatrician's office and it only fueled the excitement. I told them puberty sucks, it did nothing. Madelyn even asked me to smell her armpits, luckily she still smells like a little girl!

Yarni Gras! said...

how funny!

Kimberlee said...

How adorable.
And so funny. I love kids.

Sarah C. said...

Oh my. I'm cracking up over here. I love the boobs & woman comment. Too cute. So wish I had her excitement over my zits. :)

Sapphire said...

Hilarious!! Don't you remember wanting to be older...Ahhh, the saying is so true...youth is wasted on the young ;)
Found you through SITS!

Fruitfulvine2 said...

That's funny! Only someone that age would be happy about a zit! Visiting from SITS.