Thursday, February 12, 2009

{Lets talk comments!}

Let me start off saying I love comments!
Who the heck doesn't..
I have been reading a blog trend lately and that trend is
bloggers wanting more comments.
Not so much as they want more comments they just want those who are reading there blog to comment.
I thought about that a moment and thought ya I get comments but not even close to the amount of comments as I get hits on my blog per a day.
I get an average of 200 250 hits a day, and about 10,20 comments.
Wow thats kinda crazy that only not even one 10th of the people that look at my blog comment.
I also have 67 Followers that I adore and are very happy that they choose to fallow me but wheres my comment love. J/K(maybe)
So now my question is What make you comment on somebody's blog?
I know for me I comment if I like what I see.
I also like to comment on somebody's blog that gets no comments.
The reason I like to do this is because I know it just might make there day.
Do you comment back on peoples blog when they comment on your?
I try to just out of common courtesy.
I am not perfect by far sometimes I for get or get way to busy so sorry in advance if I ever hurt somebody's feeling by not commenting back.
One more thing about comments before I close.
There has been many times that I want to respond to somebody's comment personally and I cant because they don't have there email linked to there blog commenter.
I know that some people don't want their address out there for everyone to see.
So use your Gmail one and have it linked to your profile page I can respond to you question that you ask personally instead of responding back on my blog.
Ok one last thing blogger friends this is my best advise on comments if you want comment you have to give comments.
So comment ,comment,comment.
So thats my 2 cents on commenting.
so leave me a comment and tell me what you think!
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jewelstreet said...

Here, here! Great post. I adore comments. It makes me feel my blog is worthwhile which I sometimes wonder about. I'm the same as you, though I don't get as many hits. Not as many comments as the views I receive. I do try to comment on people's blogs if they comment on mine. Generally, I'll keep coming back to their blog as well.

Anonymous said...

Good post! Yes, comments are important. If someone takes the time out to read what you write, why can't they take one more minute of their day to write a little note so you know they read it?

It amazes me how many ppl read my blog and don't comment. Especially friends/family. I think many of them don't know how to comment, but then I'll start telling them a story or something and they'll be all 'oh yeah I read that on your blog' and I'm thinking, well how am I supposed to know you read my blog unless you comment?

angi_b72 said...

O too love comments. And I try to comment on everything i read. Especially people that comment on all of my stuff...whether it be stupid posts ot not, i have a few taht comment NO MATTER WHAT!! So, I agree...comment comment comment!!

Ter said...

I totally agree with you Jen!!

I have a friend (and if she reads this she'll know who she is!!!) who complains about not getting comments on her blog and I TOLD HER that you need to go to other people's blogs and comment on theirs. The more you comment, the more you receive! Not everyone is going to respond to your comment, heck I don't respond to every comment that is left for me!!

It's just like "treat others as you want to be treated" you want comments, you have to comment yourself.

As for what makes me comment on another blog?? Well I do not comment on every single post, but I try and comment on anything that gave me a reaction (especially positive) I try to comment to encourage other bloggers (so like for example when they are sharing a craft, I will encourage their skills), etc.

And YaYa, i totally agree... I keep hearing from my family / in real life friends who say they read my blog and I'm like well I didn't know that, I don't see you comment. And some of them do not comment but they will email me lol, and I'm like you should comment on my blog so other bloggers know just how much popular I am (or am not. lol)


Cherie said...

Great job on your post!!

I comment alot because I am just the kind of person who thinks the world is my friend and I am interested in what people do in their lives. I truly wish I could meet everyone I talk to on my blog.

I also just like to talk alot - ha ha.

Happy Thursday:)

Eudea-Mamia said...

Amen to the nonreplycomment - I hate when I can't reply. Not saying I always have time, no way, but I like to when my kids aren't in my lap.

Needy creatures.

I comment usually if I have something to say. I have some great people who visit my blog, and always leave comments. How do I put this so it doesn't sound like an ingrate? Sometimes I wonder if they are commenting on my first sentence, you know?

I promise to be better! Em

Elizabeth said...

I love comments. But I have to be posting and have people looking at my blog first. Having made mine private I never know who is reading.

So, I love your blog and it is the only one that I check daily or almost daily.

You are special.

Dari said...

I am the same way, I get a bunch of hits and maybe 10 to 20 comments on a good post ha ha I try to comment when something catches my attention. Because it takes way too long to comment on all the blogs I read. I also am a firm believer that google reader is hindering commenting. Because you have to take more steps to get to the blog to comment and sometimes I am lazy and just read through them in my reader... dang you google reader {and bless you at the same time!}

Diana Kat said...

It totally makes my day when I get comments, even though my purpose for blogging is mainly for family and friends- though I adore making new blog-world friends! I try to comment when I really connect with some part of the post, because I know how much it makes me smile to get comments from people saying they connected in some way with what I wrote that day.

Lola....L..O..L..A....lo--oh--luh! said...

I think it is a consensus that we all love comments! I, however, don't always comment on a blog I read because I don't have anything to say.

Sometimes a blog prompts you to respond, and sometimes it's just fun to read and think about.

I guess I should be better about it and at least say "Hi. I'm reading today!"

Susan said...

I agree with your post! I'm not a great blogger, but I still love to hear what people have to say. It is so nice to come home from my morning job to see comments made on my writings. It gets me that much more excited to write more! I have 4 followers (lol! yep, that's it!), but according to my site meter, I get approx. 14 hits a day. My website gets almost 400 a week, so I'm stoked about that. Jen, I love your blog, by the way, and please stop by mine any time! :) - Thanks!

Julie said...

I'm like you, I comment when I like what I see or just can relate in some way. Or just want to say HI.
There was this one blog I was going to and liked her posts and liked to leave comments; then she put a comment "policy" in her side bar that said if you (the reader) had a hobby blog (whatever that is) to not leave comments. It sort of confused and irritated me so I stopped going there. Most of us are putting things out there to share, and if somebody has something to say, why would we tell them not to? Weird.

Bee and Rose said...

Great post! As a newbie blogger (just over a month) I am just learning about the ways of blog! When I first began, an "Anonymous" person emailed me and asked me not to visit her blog if I was just going to lurk and not leave comments! I didn't even know what that meant! So needless to say, I did not visit her anymore! (She, however, visits me regularly to this! How do I know this? ISP addr. my friend...ISP...)

Like you, I receive many more hits than comments. I am just happy that people come to see me! I do visit many blogs and spread my comment love too.

I try to comment on most posts because I know what it takes to do a post (especially with kids running around!) and I want to give my support to my fellow bloggers.

Mommy2lilgems said...

love the post!

I try to reciprocate comments, and comment once in while on the blogs I visit regularily. Sometimes, though I can't comment cause there's just too much to do in one day/I don't have anything interesting to say! lol

Rebecca (Sam's wife) said...

good post. so honestly i don't always have time to comment. i don't expect alot of comments in return though. i have an almost 6 month old and have to work too. but agree that comments are nice and i do feel bad that i am not always able to comment. have to work on the e-mail thing...never thought about that.

Joy said...

Jen, I am really on board with what you said. Like most people, I adore comments.

I don't always comment on everything I read, but I try to.

It seems like I get approximately 140 hits per day since the new year but of course nowhere near that number in comments, so I assume that most of the hits are from blog surfers or they've read me but just didn't have the urge to comment. (Can I write a run-on sentence, or what?!)

Gratitude Gal said...

I think if you like a blog enough to follow it, you should stop by and comment on occasion. I also think bloggers should follow each other... It is a great way to link people with common likes together.

Laura said...

Just learned something new:

I never knew you were supposed to comment!

I mean, I knew it was an option, but I just think of it when I have something to say other than "Hmmmm." So, maybe I'll take that into consideration and comment every once in a while.

WishTrish said...

So true. I think our numbers are almost identical. I have 67 follows and about 150 hits a day, more on days when I post several times. And yet, I get about 10-15 comments per post. Hmmm... I used to pay a lot of attention to where SiteMeter told me my viewers were coming from and knew that a lot of them weren't regular readers, like ones seeking "sourdough recipes" or whatnot. But still!!!

So, here I am! Leaving you a comment because I love my WILD Alaskan bloggy friend!

When do I leave comments? When I feel a connection to what's written. Since I read my favorite blogs in Google Reader, I only actually visit blogs to comment.

shaina said...

I agree with you. If you like comments, then comment on other people's blogs. Comments are fun to get! Sometimes, you just can't get people to make comments, though.

Meg Giroux said...

I adore comments too. Not just on my artwork but about my everyday life posts. I love how many friends I have made on the blogging world and would love to meet them someday!

Nicole said...

hey look at that! I love comments too!

WishTrish said...

Okay, how about something to compliment "Diamonds, Fur, and Laundry" like "Paisley, Pearls, and Pillows" or something speaking of you... like "Wild Creativity" or "Sew Wild!" or just something regional like, "Baked Alaska." "Jen Sew Wild" ... aren't you glad I'm not a marketer?!

Ms Cupcake said...

Hi! Dropping by from sits. A friendly welcome from a fellow blogger. I'm sponsoring a Valentine's Day giveaway at my blog, in case you're interested.

Zen Cupcake Blog

Supercool Hotmama said...

I'm with you! I feel like a comment is the price you pay for a peek into their lives! It's just the polite thing to do. You wouldn't step into their home without saying hello - same thing, only more personal, it's their thoughts they're giving you a glimpse of.

I'm trying to back-off on my blogging, but If I stop by, I say HI!

Kerri said...

I too love comments! When I don't get comments it makes me think tht my readers aren't interested. I actually comment more on peoples blogs who comment on mine. If they don't comment on mine, I stop commenting on theirs. Sometimes I stop reading theirs. I do try to comment on my friends blogsd at least every couple of posts. Sometimes if I don't comment,it's just because I'm in such a hurry.

Belle (from Life of a...) said...

I've noticed the same trend. I, like you, post a comment when I read something that I like or that amuses me. I do that for people who comment on mine and for people who don't. I love comments but get as excited about seeing how many people visit each day as I do about the comments. I don't get my feelings hurt at all.

Tulsi said...

I comment a lot when there are no other comments. I get a lot of people lurking and not commenting. And so many happen to be people I know personally. I do know I write about my family and others may not be interested. It is still nice to have a nice "hello" and make new friends. I do visit the blog of a commenter. I love that the world is big and made small with technology.

princessmama said...

Hurray for comments! I started my blog for me, because I needed the outlet. But i find i really love to get comments.

I sometimes have a hard time leaving comments for other people if i don't know what to say. sometimes i just leave a smiley face:-)

I like the suggestion i just read to at least say hi, i'm reading today.

I'm Always Rite said...

Wow! After that I feel I should leave a super snazzy comment, but I am drawing a blank.... Can I just leave it at "ditto"? ;)

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