Sunday, February 1, 2009

Volcanoes, Fabric , Shopping and other Things..

Right now we are under a volcano warning. It looks like the Volcano that is about an hour away is having quite a lot of seismic activity. Our kids are being taught what to do in school in case it erupts and Dale has gotten emails from work about emergency precautions that he needs to take. It's all kinda weird you don't ever think Alaska and volcanoes they some how don't seem to mix.


Look at this amazeing fun fabric I found at Walmart I was shocked when I saw it there. Walmart dose carry some cute fabric but never this cool and hip!! I cant wait to create with it..


I totally scored this week end when I went shopping at Target. I got 4 pairs of boots 2 shirts a coat and a sweet looking bracelet. all for just 45 dollars.. These are just 2 of the boots i got I also got a lighter brown pair and a grey hounds tooth rain boots..
I will have to take pix of the cat and shirts later. We also went back on saturday and I scored an awesome new comforter set its brown and teal damask. I also picked up a dirt devil vacuum for 15 dollars. I just Target!!


I just have to share this cute little valentines box I mad to send some treats in for a swap that I am in . I think it turned out super cute..

I really need to bake out my paper and glue more often and scrap some more. I really miss scraping on a regular basis.


Tomorrow I will post my Trifle recipe and hopefully one of my new tutorials..

I hope every one had a great weekend! So my question of the day did you do anything fun this weekend?



Bee and Rose said...

I thought my javelinas were a huge bummer, but volcanos!!! YIKES!

That fabric is awesome! Walmart is getting funky! Whoo hoo!

And can I just say I LOVE Target!

I'm Always Rite said...

Okay, I totally love the polka dot rain boots! I almost bought some just like those at my wannabe Ross a few months ago... bummer. I should have gotten them.
I have to see your comforter set! I think you may have gotten the same set I bought several months ago while Superman was at ASBC. I don't even want to know the deal you got. :] I think your new superhero name is... Shopper Diva! :)

Anonymous said...

Cute boots!

Volvano warning? That's nuts!

jewelstreet said...

Oh, goodness! I hope the volcano doesn't blow, though from the blogger's perspective, you would have plenty to blog about. That is too scary. I keep thinking Dante's Peak.

You find the sweetest deals and the most awesome fabric. I would so use that fabric to make a camera strap for myself. My Walmart doesn't have fabric.

Where do you find these swaps?! I want to swap with you because you are so considerate and find the best things. :) Can you tell I haven't had anyone to talk to? lol.

Shawnee said...

I totally scored not long ago at Target, too. Two winter coats for under $10 each!! You were my inspiration to even look.

Volcano warning are CREEPY!! Praying for your safety-

Ter said...

Normally I don't like shopping too much, but I think I would like to shop with you!!! All the bargains! :)

Rayna said...

I saw that at Walmart the other day, cute!
Well I just kept the house busy with little projects and cooking for Super Bowl even though I wasn't 100%.
Can't wait to see what you make of that fabric!

Holmes Home said...

Should be exciting for all of us with this volcano, huh? I will be giving you a ring soon, we've just got to get a little closer to not having so much chaos and cardboard :) Talk to ya soon.

Kerri said...

Wow a volcano huh?!? Can't imagine that! I can't believe those great deals you got! Was the fabric on the $1 rack or with their regular fabric? I'm wondering if I can find some here in Utah. And now I need to go to target!

Yarni Gras! said...

I read about the volcano and wondered if you would be affected.....The fabric is great...BOTH Walmarts where we live closed their fabric sections. I am so sad :-(

I love the boots too :-)

Nicole said...

Volcano's, that's a little scary to think about huh?!

You always score on the cutest things! The brown boot are cool. I'm just not big on shopping, I wish I was more into it.

I love your new profile pic. Very cute!

The Blonde Duck said...

You seriously get volcano warnings? Wow. I thought scorpions and rattlesnakes and tornados were bad...

Belle (from Life of a...) said...

Yikes...and I thought living in hurricane country was stressful!

The Dean Family said...

You so didn't buy Walmart out of all that cute fabric did you? However, if Redoubt blows soon, maybe they'll have a "fabric stash with ash" sale.

I must go get some of that delightful fabric!