Saturday, December 5, 2009

A beautiful sunrise, Crashing our Daughters date and The dress.

This is what I woke up too.

I guess this is one advantage of the sunrising at 9:45 am

So Breathtaking I love the cloud patterns.


Last night after Dale and I went and watched Shell in the Madrigal we decided to stop by The V-hoe for Hot Chocolate.
As we were getting ready to park we saw our 19 year old daughter getting out of her truck.
She looked at us and said what are you doing here.
We said to get hot cocoa she then asked if we could go somewhere else.
I said why do you have a date?
She rolled her eyes and turned bright red.
We parked and went inside and my husband invited us to sit with them
I really thought Kadie was going to die.
We sat and talked a while with her and her boyfriend that we had yet to meet.
My husband was quite chatty.
She kept giving him the evil eye.

to further embrace her I pulled out the camera and started taking pix.
(Yes we are parents of the year!)
We then decided to let her off the hook and leave as we were leaving my husband with out my knowledge to  asked here date to Sunday dinner.
I think he was a little overwhelmed but said yes any ways.
(A good sport in my book)
I am doubting Kadie is going to forgive us any time soon.
Crappy pic but here is the dress.

Hope everyone is having a healthy fun weekend!!



Ter said...

lol your poor daughter...

(I'd do the same thing!)

p.s. I hope your email is working now, I replied to your last email! :)

Diane said...

that sounds exactly like what i would do. i tell my girls that being "all up in their business" is part of my job! lol

the dress is terrific! you did a great job!

Nicole said...

We wouldnt be parents if we didnt embarass them a little (or a lot)!!!

Yarni Gras! said...

ha! fun story!

Ann Marie said...

You got talents girl!!

Good job embarassing a bit.. :)

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