Saturday, December 26, 2009

A little look into the Wilderness Christmas ..

I am sad to say that no family pix where taken on Christmas day just snapshot here and there.
Our family photographer (Me) Had a bad headache and was not thinking straight.
I did manage to get a few shots of our super fun day!

Madie Cat was very happy to get a Madame Alexander doll she named Katie Anne.

Benny boy got a super fun scooter with fancy features that I don't even begin to understand.
He had to take it out at first light and see if he could make it sparks.
Evidently there is a scooter on the market that will spark when you ride it.
Ben was a little disappointed when there were no sparks when he rode it down the hill.
I was relived.

Here are the girls playing with there camera with weird grins on there faces.

And here is Kadie with the same grin.

And here are the boys looking at there loot.
After presents and a yummy breakfast we spent the day playing Beatles Rock band on the WII

and eating yummy  cookies our neigbors brought over.
I hope you all had as fun of a Christmas as we did!

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Ann Marie said...

Love the madame alexander doll!

Santa brought Beatles Rockband to our house too! We LOVE-LOVE it.. and not to brag.. but I'm pretty boss with my singing skills!!