Monday, December 7, 2009

My husband all goofed up on goofballs..

Today my hubby had surgery on his hand.(not car accident related) Oh yeah we had a car accident this weekend. We were rear ended and were jostled quite a bit thank goodness it was only Dale and I in his car.
Dale had a concussion and whiplash to his neck and I just have a bruised back and bruises were the seat belt tightened up on my shoulder and chest.
Thank heavens we are ok and that our injuries were minor.
Ok back to today.
So dale had a tumor removed from his finger and some other surgery on his hand.

He has been a buckets of funny every since.
To be quite honest he is driving me nuts.
But I do like the fact that he is telling me he loves me every five minutes.

This is going to be a busy week! Have tons to do!!
Lots of sewing and decorating.
This weekend our town is having our annual Colony Christmas it a small town Christmas celebration.
Our church participate by hosting thousands of nativities.
Last year I decorated a room in honer of William it was my gift to him for his birthday.
I will be doing it again this year.
Last year my room was draped all in silks with crystal an hundreds of battery lit candles.
This year I will be decorating it a little different. I am so excited!
I also have 2  Christmas party's to go to one I get to dress up fancy and the other I get to bring a dozen of something fun I am making.
As crazy busy as this week is going to be I am so excited!!
I cant wait to share pix of every thing I am doing.
So what is your week looking like?


Ann Marie said...

Sorry you were in an accident!
I hope your ok!

What fun pictures.. hope he heals quickly..

Did you get my last comment? I need your address for Christmas cards.. Let me know ASAP..

Yarni Gras! said...

busy too....but no surgery planned and no accidents (that I know of)...
I hope the remainder of the week goes well....