Monday, December 14, 2009

Happy Birthday William Stonewall Wilderness

I cant even believe that it's been 4 years since William was born.
My how time has a way of slipping by faster every year.
Fours ago today was such an emotional happy intense day.
I will never for get the first time I held William in my arms it was purely amazing that he was here and alive.
I remember staring at him in awe and wonder like I had never given birth before.
I kept memorize his face his hands his eyes his sweet little feet..
I wanted to just soak all of him in to my mind.

I am so very grateful for the time we had with him.
I am so grateful that he chose me as his mommy.
I am so grateful that I know that I will get to be with him again.

I love and miss you baby boy..
Happy Birthday!!


Ter said...

happy birthday william...<3

Diane said...

happy birthday william!!!

love to you jen!

Sarah C. said...

Happy birthday, William!

Jen, I'm so glad you got those precious moments with your beautiful baby boy. You will be with him again someday - what a blessing that is. Thinking of you all today. ((HUGS))

Devri said...

Happy Birthday William! And Jen I am with the rest, I heart you so, may today be filled with love and peace.. ♪God be with you till we meet again!♪

Gaia said...

Happy Birthday sweet boy <3

Rhonda said...

Your story touched my heart and brought up great memories of my dear brother. We were close in age and just close.....I miss him so, but as you say, we'll be together one day. Take care and be well.

Back Porch Blessings said...

Happy Birthday sweet William.
I love the pics of you and him, he had alot of hair didnt he. You are truely a strong women that is why you were chosen to be his mommy.
God Bless.

Ann Marie said...

Happy Birthday William!

His pictures are so sweet.. he looks like a little doll. I want to hold him and kiss him. :)

What a lucky and blessed family you are to have such an angel watching over you.. and doing good works.. :)

Hope your day is filled with and comfort.. XO

scrappysue said...

wow - what a beautiful boy. here from sits saying hi.

lost--for--words said...

I just discovered your blog and wanted to say hi... We had a daughter born earlier this year and she was diagnosed with T18 on the day of her birth... She lived for 15 days.
Wishing your sweet William a happy fourth birthday.

rad6 said...

Such a sweet post. It is sweet to think of being his mother as a privilege and in the grand scheme of eternity, I am sure that is a reality. Your thoughts touched my heart.

Rayna said...

Happy Birthday William! I think of you often. I wonder if you knew my Tina in Heaven before you both entered this life?
I'm so happy to know of this great plan, Jen and that you will be with him again!

Gamma Sharon said...

Happy Happy Birthday William!!!
I have been thinking about you but haven't been on the computer much and hardly at all on blogger... I think I have 200 or so emails... but I have been thinking of You! My heart and love is going out to you!