Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The weather out side is frightful !!

I am so glad that I am inside sewing all day because I sure would not want to be driving in this weather.
It has been raining and windy all night and now all morning.
Correction I do have to drive to go get Ben.(dang)
Anny ways I am glad i can stay in doors for the most part.
I am still making the dress it is almost done thank heavens now I can sew for fun (kinda.)

I am almost done with this reversible apron for a swap I am in.
I just need to finish up the decorating part I thought I would really make it fun!

But you will have to see just how fun it is going to be in a few days!
I really an excited to get it finished.

I also need to finish up my Christmas decorating.
I have 3 trees up a 2 of them decorated.
Now I just have to put up all the Santa's , Nativity's, garland, village, and colors and what ever else I have stashed away.



Diane said...

ewww! you know how i feel about this kind of weather. :(

good that you have stuff around the house to keep you busy!

i really can't wait to see that dress you've been working on.

drive safe when you go out later!!!!

Ter said...
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Cherie said...

I'm decorating today too and I am a little jealous - I wish we had some snow!

Ter said...

hi jen, I got your message and your email, and I replied. I'm sorry if I sounded like a big ol' meanie! Thank you for getting back to me and letting me know what's up. :) You can delete my last message and this one if you want... Hope you figure out the email situation soon.

Turtles In North Dakota said...

oh my..It looks like our weather outside too! Be careful!

Ann Marie said...

I love the fabrics and the rick-rack! Too cute!

I have had my Christmas stuff out for 3 days.. and still putting stuff out! Crazy!

Yarni Gras! said...

loving all the stuff you've been creating! That apron will ROCK!