Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Death by oatmeal

No kidding around, yesterday morning I had a serious allergic reaction to the cinnamon oat meal I ate.
The reaction came on strong and quick and took me by surprise.
I was cleaning up and all the sudden my head started hurting my chest felt tight and my throat started closing .
It was getting hard to breath quick so i ran and got the children's Benadryl as I was guzzling it I woke Shelly up so she could watch me.
I think I gave her a little scare.
5 minutes later I could breath normal and my chest felt less tight.
Thank goodness for modern medicine.
I think I am staying away from that particular type of oatmeal from now on.
I guess I should get back to the fun things I am making so I can show them all off later.


shaina said...

What do you think you were allergic to? Makes me think I need to keep benadryl in my house.

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Cherie said...

That is so weird.
I don't mean to be paranoid but maybe you should find out what was in that oatmeal that made you react that way. Oatmeal seems pretty safe as far as food goes. If it has something that you are that allergic too it could be in other foods as well.
Very scary!!

The Dean Family said...

Are you allergic to any other food items? Yes, I would get to the bottom of it. Can't have you guzzling Benedryl all the time :o)

Yarni Gras! said...

that is SO scary. Benadryl is great to keep around for things like that. Thank goodness you were a quick thinker.......

Ande said...

so glad that mine wasn't that bad. I had never had carrot cake before, made some and tried it, liked it. Could not figure out why my mouth and lips felt funny, the next day had another piece, yup, allergic to something in it. I don't have any benadryl in my house. I have never had one of us have an allergic reaction to anything but flowers, and that is itchy eyes.