Sunday, May 9, 2010

A special mothers day gift from William!

At church today an amazing thing too place.
As I was listing to a young man getting ready to leave for his mission talk about the love that he had for his mother, he read a poem and as he was reading this poem about his mother an amazing thing happened.
I heard another young mans voice resiting a poem, a voice only I could here.
The poem was one I was very familiar with.
The poem is called
A baby's choice by Collen M StoryDid you ever think, dear Mother,

As the seeds of me you sowed,

As you breathed new life inside of me

And slowly watched me grow,

In all your dreams about me

When you planned me out so well,

When you couldn't wait to have me there

Inside your heart to dwell,

Did you ever think that maybe,

I was planning for you, too,

And choosing for my very own

A mother just like you?

A mother who smelled sweet and who

had hands so creamy white,

A tender, loving creature

Who would soothe me in the night?

Did you ever think in all those days

While you were coming due,

That as you planned a life for me

I sought a life with you?

And now as I lay in your arms,

I wonder if you knew

While you were busy making me,

I was choosing you!
 After the words of the poem I silently said thank you William..
     I then heard him whisper I love you mom.
It was all very brief the moment only lasted about a minute and a half.
I never expected to here from William today.
I am very grateful for the tender mercies of a loving Heavenly Father who loves us and know our needs even when we don't.
Happy mothers day.
{I am not sure why it posted so weird I tried to fix it but it blogger wont let me}


Sarah said...

Beautiful. :) Thank you for sharing! Happy Mother's Day! ((HUGS))

cata said...

The poem made me teary, it is so beautiful!!! Thanks for sharing and happy mothers day!!!

Ann Marie said...


What an incredible poem!
I will have to send that one to a few friends.. thank you!!

Elizabeth said...

Oh Sweet Sister, I am so happy for you and your sweet Mother's day gift from William. Thank you for sharing. I love you.

Ande said...

that brought tears to my eyes. So sweet.

Karen and Matt said...

Wow, what a sweet peom, and great gift from william! Hugs!

Amanda@Imperfectly Beautiful said...

I have no idea how I ended up on your blog tonight...but I know it was meant to be. AS I was admiring your cute flower tutorial, I scrolled down and something caught my eye immediately...TRisomy 18. I read about your precious William and his blessed, but short life on earth. My sweet little Noah was born at 27 weeks with TRisomy 18, as well. He did not live, but he lives in our hearts and minds every single second of every single day! Saying goodbye to him was the hardest thing I will ever experience. But his life inside me was such a me, to my family, to my marriage. He brought us so much closer as a family and stronger in the gospel.

I'm sorry for the long comment. I just had to say thank you and that I will always remember William when I think of Noah. Your experience that you shared was beautiful and so special...thanks again.