Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Mixed emotions..

Things are happening to fast.
Kadie announced last wednesday that she was engaged and told me today that she was moving out on Saturday into her new apartment.
Apparently the person that was in the apartment decided to leave early so Kadie was asked if she would be willing to move in right away.
I really wanted to cry because I thought I would have a few more months with her in our home before she ties the knot.
Some days I just wish I could stop time.

Question of the day.
For those of you who have been in my shoes of having a child who has left the nest or gotten married, how did you feel and how did you handle it.
And for those of you in not in my shoes how do you think you are going to feel when your children start getting married or start leaving the nest?


Holly Days Closet said...

My daughter married a great man 5 years ago. She only gave us 6 months to plan and get things ready but we did it. I will tell you I did sleep for a week after I was so drained. I was lost for only a few months then the excitment started. We were entering into a new step in our relationship. We aren't just mother and daughter we are friends. You will get through this and your relationship will grow into something you never thought it would. Good luck to you. You'll be in my prayers.

rad6 said...

I am taking notes... mixed enotions is definitely the approprite title I think. not there yet, my oldest will be 17 this summer. She keeps reminding me how long til she COULD be married. Weird. it will be happy and hard I think.
good luck with wedding planning. She will probably be home more than away til the wedding. A girl needs a mom during that time.

cata said...

I wa 17 when I married my husband, and I was the only girl, so my father was very hurt since I was a daddy's girl... now I have 2 little girls and I think of day this will happen to me, because I now understand his sadness.
I know it will be so strange for me not to have them with me.

Jennifer @ The Toy Box Years said...

My daughter is only 5 right now, but every once in awhile I have an anxiety attack when I think about her growing up and leaving me!

You're in my prayers!

Tulsi said...

When my daughter got married just over 2 years ago, it just felt like it was the right time. She has always been very independent. I was married at 19 and she waited until she was just shy of 21. They live in the same town and I have my 10 mo. old granddaughter when ever I want. We do a family dinner with them the third Sunday of every month and hope to continue that with my other two children. Plus, they pop in all of the time. She is so social that it doesn't seem like much has changed actually.

shaina said...

That's hard. She's just so anxious to begin her new life...
Hang in there.

Em said...

I have actually been thinking about that a lot lately. I don't think I'd survive actually. My daughter will be 18 in 8 months. I plan to put bars on her windows and lock her in her room. I'll cut a small hole in her door so I can feed her and I'll confiscate her cell phone so she can't call for help. She has a bathroom in her room so she's all okay there. Yep ~ that's my plan.

Katie said...

Oh goodness I don't know what I would do. Right now my boys are 4 and 2 and I do not see the light at the end of the tunnel of when they will leave. So I better not even answer anything cuz right now we are just hoping they will learn to wipe themselves.

Kelly O. said...

I plan on locking my children in a closet post puberty until I'm ready to deal with the fact they might get married and leave me:)
my 5 year old told me the other day that she'll never leave me she'll just live in her room with her husband.
gotta' love it!

Yarni Gras! said...

heck, just crying even THINKING about it! ha!

The Country Club Kat said...

It is hard to let go of someone you are totally in love with and it is harder when it is a daughter. There is so much you want them to experience and from experience you know that marriage is hard work.
I wish my daughters had traveled, gotten higher degrees, etc.

Your relationship will change from mother to friend and I have to tell you there is nothing sweeter in life then having your daughter as a best friend!

Let me know if I can help you in anyway with the wedding preparations. I will be glad to answer questions.


Rayna said...

Well I'm not exactly there yet but I know it is around the corner. Right now I'm freaking out because my oldest has "3" years left of HS!
It's just moving way too fast! Let's figure out how to slow down time!

Cherie said...

My daugher had already been away at college so the moving out part had already been done.
She came back home the couple months before she got married and it was great to have her here to plan the wedding with, etc...
But they were ready and happy so off they went.
It is always a bit nostalgic when the kids move on but if they do it right it is a happy thing!

Good luck!!