Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mothers day to all the wonderful Mothers in my life.

I love this picture of My mom!
She looks so young and beautiful.
I am the little baby in the yellow, the blond little girl is my sister Crystal.
My mom was very creative and fun when we are little.
She always had gave us a little present on our siblings birthdays so we wouldn't fell left out.
She always made holiday exciting and magical.
She made the best birthday cakes ever angel food cake with fluffy pink frosting.
I think that was my birthday cake every year until I left home.
She always made sure we were perfectly dressed for Easter every thing shiny and new.
She did this to remind us of the resurrection.
She had a talk with the Easter bunny so he would come on Saturday instead of Sunday so we could focus on the Atonement instead of the Easter bunny.
She was there for me when I became a mother for the first time.
She was the best labor coach.
She did what she could for me when William died, she doesn't know this but she taught me how to truly forget and forgive and that everyone makes mistake.
Happy mothers Day.
I love you MOM!

My mothers day question to you all.
What is your favorite memory of your mother?


Elizabeth said...

Attending a Young Womens activity in Cheyenne where my Mom and I had to dress like eachother. We were so stinking cute. I love that picture of the two of us.

Ann Marie said...

What a sweet post and tribute!

My favorite memory...I have too many.. but after reading your post.. I have to also agree with having my Mother with me in all of my childrens births. She is indeed the best coach.. nurse.. all around Mother...