Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I want a do over & thanks for making me laugh.

This day has been crazy, first Kadie tells me she is moving out on Saturday.
Then I run to the store to get milk and elmer's glue for a fun project, on the way home my car just turns off.
I was half way through the intersection, lucky the car restarted so I could get through only to shut off again.
I thought maybe I ran out of gas so I had Shelly across the street to the gas station to get a gas can and gas.
She comes back and something was wrong with the gas can it wouldn't let the gas through.
Finally our wonderful men in Blue (the Palmer PD) came to help.
One officer came to my window to ask what was wrong ,I explained what was going on.
He said he had to be in court in 30 mins so he called back up but would stay until he arrived ,so that nobody would hit my car.
The new officer listened to my story never laughing once when I told him I thought I might have run out of gas.
He figured out the gas can filled my tank and still nothing my car would not start.
I told him I would call road side assistance and get a tow.
He said I think it is the battery can you call some one for a jump.
I told him my daughter was on her way.
He said OK I will just wait until she gets her. I told him it might be a while he said that's OK I just want to make sure you are safe.
About ten minutes later I saw one of my dearest friends coming towards her, I motioned for her to come over.
She did and the officer went across the street to tell her I needed a jump.
She did not have any cables, I could have cried.
Well the officer called another officer to bring jumper cables.
The officers put my the jumper cables on. 
Then my car started I got to the gas station filled my truck and went home.
We still aren't sure if it was because i ran out of gas or if there is something wrong with the battery.
All I can say is that I am grateful for Palmer PD and that Tiffany listened to the spirit when I silently prayed that she would drive by.
I wish I could say that was all my day brought but no it had to be more adventurers.
After I got home I fed the sweet almost 3 year old that I watch and put her down for a nap.
I had enough time to shower fix my hair and go get Ben.
So I took off to get Ben with Shelly watching little M.
As I was getting Ben Miss M woke up with a poppy diaper, walked pass Shelly with out her seeing went down the stairs to the landing where her diaper bag is, Took the diaper off sat on the stairs and put her big girl panties on Just as I walk in the door.
I just started laughing I said M you don't change your own diaper , Shell said is that what that smell is.
I cleaned up M then cleaned up my carpeted stairs.
I then walked in the Bed room where M sleeps to see that she had highlight all over the walls.
Yep I want a do over today sucked.
I do have to say When I sat down finely and read all the comments from my previous post Mixed emotions I couldn't stop laughing.
I especially loved what Em said
"I have actually been thinking about that a lot lately. I don't think I'd survive actually. My daughter will be 18 in 8 months. I plan to put bars on her windows and lock her in her room. I'll cut a small hole in her door so I can feed her and I'll confiscate her cell phone so she can't call for help. She has a bathroom in her room so she's all okay there. Yep ~ that's my plan."
I really couldn't stop laughing.
Thank you every one for your nice comments and support especially all of you who have had children leave the nest.
Every one of your comments lift my spirits and make me feel better about this new journey in life.
Thanks again my friends!


Ande said...

Yup, sounds like one of those everything hits at once days. I hope that you are doing better. here is a hug all the way from Japan!!!! Just think, you can help her decorate her new apartment. You are good at that. :)

Yarni Gras! said...

do over, DEFINITELY....days like that I either laugh or cry.....and hopefully laughing saves the day!

Sarah said...

Oh my goodness, what a day! I agree with the previous poster - gotta laugh or cry. So laugh. It really will be funnier down the road. :) And I'm so sorry Kadie is moving out so fast. I was one of those in a rush to leave home too. Now I can't even imagine my little boy leaving. I might steal that bars on the windows idea. ;) hehe Hope tomorrow is better! ((HUGS))