Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Eclipse silliness

For my birthday My daughter Kadie and Dan Got me a shirt with Jacob plastered on the front and wolf jewelry.
I said fine I will wear this silly shirt to the opening on Eclipse with you too but you have to wear shirts too.
So when I saw this shirt on sale at Target the other Day I made Kadie get one for her and Dan.
We weren't sure if he would wear it or not, because he and his older bother have this Man card thing going on.
Kadie assured me that he would wear it.
I was so surprised to see that he actually wore it.
He might have lost all his Man cards with his brother but gained a million eternity cards with me..
I think Kadie bug is one lucky girl.

Dan trying to look fierce in this picture I just think he looks silly.

On another note the movie was the best by far..
The acting was much better.
Bella seamed less skittish and did not stutter.
I loved the fight scene.
Jasper's hair was terrible but he acted much better.
Did not like the new Victoria.

When I was leaving the theater at 2 am I hear this girl say Jennifer.
I turned around and there was this girl I never met before, She was a good friend of one of my besteysbesties in Germany  She moved her about a year a go and we had never met, just heard a lot about each other
She recognized me from FB.
It was fun meeting her, we will defiantly doing lunch soon.

So have any of you seen The movie yet?
What did you like and what bugged you?
Do tell..


Scraphappy in AK said...

I was just talking about the movie with my friends who are going tonight. I didn't care for the last one, because of the acting & Bella stuttering. Now I want to go too! I am on Team Jacob too! My husband and kids are Native American's. So of course it would be Team Jacob. lol

I just stumbled across you blog the other day & have been following you since. I thought, "Hey these pics look like AK" And they were. Love your Tutorials- I made some bibs the other night. First time I have taken out the sewing machine in years.

La TempĂȘte said...

Oh I am most definitely Team Jacob. I have read all the books but have only seen the first movie. So I will have to see the second first! And then move to the third.

Cherie said...

Love your shirts!

I really liked the movie, but with that said it was my least favorite of the 3.
I really liked the first 2 because I love the slower, old Hollywood pace that followed the books as opposed to the instant gratification of this movie that kind of hopped all over.

But overall still was SO FUN!!

Yarni Gras! said...

not yet, going tonite with my sister. She is Team Edward and I am Team Jacob...wish I had that t=shirt!