Wednesday, June 16, 2010

My to do list keeps growing...

I have a to do list about a million miles long. 
I really need to paint my toe nails
organize my recipes
clean my room ( Ok clean all my house)
set up my sewing room so I can finish some of my unfinished projects.
I have had this bag cut out for tree months for Shelly
Maybe I will get it done this week.
I have an apron that's almost done I just need to put the ties on.
I have brides maids dresses to make.
Plan a wedding.
Finish all the Father day goodies we are making for Dale
Make some blankets to send to my friend Shaina for her blanket drive.
Weed the garden.
Shop for school clothes
Finish planning our Disneyland trip.
Make so cute outfits for Maddy to wear to Disneyland ( she is our little princess after all)

I bought the pattern for these yummy purses that I am dying to make.
And the list goes on and on.
Why might you ask why have been putting all this off?
Because I have been playing with these fun monkeys
Maybe I will take a break away from them and get some things done today..
So whats on your to do list?


shaina said...

I had a big to-do list for today as well. I still need to clean my room. I think that will take a while...

Tulsi said...

I was so happy when my daughter didn't want a long wedding line. It was just my husband and I, she and her husband, and her husband's parents. She had high school friends and so many college friends and didn't want anyone left out. Her best friend from one town we lived in had 9 brides maids - she was one - and that helped make her decision. Her brother and sister didn't care to be in the line. I'm sure your dresses will be darling. Does she have colors yet?

Ann Marie said...

Ya.. my list is huge--right along with yours. :0 -- That's why I have been absent with blogging..

I love-love-love the new look and layout of your blog! I can see the sidebar! Things here are so fun and soo you!!

Glad your playing with the Family.. Tis fun!!!

Thanks for all of your nice comments lately.. I am grateful we are friends!

Jennifer Juniper said...

I love your new banner photo! It looks like you're having fun, so you're excused from your list.

Yarni Gras! said...
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Yarni Gras! said...

sorry for the list is big too but mainly in my head. I'm afraid to read it! ha!!!