Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Memorial day fun part 2 { The river}

While we were driving up the mountain we couldn't resist taking pictures by the roaring river.
Dale went and adventured out on the rock first to make sure it was safe before we let the kids out on the rock.
All the kids but Ben got on the Rock.
He just stood by me and said theres no way he was going on the rock.
The raging river was to loud and scary sounding.
Dale decided that Ben should be in the picture and he wanted to show Ben that it was safe so he took Ben screaming down to the rock.

When he finally calmed down and opened his eyes. He said Dad The river is loud and fast but not that scary.
I think it could kinda be run to go down in a raft in this river or some of the other ones we saw.
I have never been river rafting and have always wanted to try it.

My question of the day have you ever been white water rafting?
If so witch river and was it run or were you scared?

Tomorrow will be part 3 Ice cream.

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Devri said...

lol love the screaming one! too funny! what a fun time you all had!