Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Memorial day fun part 1 {Archangel valley hike}

We had the best day yesterday, we went hiking in Hitcher's pass.
The trail we too was called archangel valley, it is a pretty flat hike on an old mine road in between to mountains.

It was very beautiful and peaceful.

There was a lot of little creeks and ponds along the trail.
Ben and Garrett had to throw rocks in every pond stream or puddle.

We all decided to get in this stream to take a family pic.

Dale and Garrett were panning for gold in a creek.

The kids and Dale decided to take a break and pose on a small bolder.

I decided to jump into a pic with Dale just for fun.

While the rest of us were sitting down by the river the boys decided to play a game of catch.
Benny boy wanted to take a few pictures with me.
When I looked at the pictures after I took them I was pleasantly surprised to see the loving shots I captured.
This is probably my favorite pic of the day..
I just love my Benny boy.
We then started our hike back to the car.
Part 2 tomorrow..



shaina said...

I love family hikes!! Great pictures.

Sarah said...

Looks like a fun family day! How much gold did Dale & Garrett find? :D