Tuesday, February 14, 2012

I guess we made it!

22 years ago today words there were whispers of they are so young they will never make it as Dale and I happily said I do to each other.

After 8 kids
5 moves
21 years in the military
2 deployments to a war zone
The death of a child
Planning a wedding for our daughter
Driving from Alaska to Colorado
Being unemployed
And endless amounts of tears and laughter
Looks like we made it!

Happy 22 years of marriage Love ya Babes.
I guess being married on Valentines day was good luck for us!


Erin Terry said...

That's awesome Jen. Congratulations and Happy Anniversary. Hope you have a wonderful day!

shaina said...

I love it!! Happy Anniversary!

Karen and Matt said...

Awesome!!! Happy Anniversary!!! =)

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