Thursday, February 9, 2012

Reaching my goals!

For the last 4 and a half weeks I have been working out and doing what I need to reach my fitness goals despite being sick 2 of the 4 weeks.
I am feeling great and looking great too.

I found this fun encouragement I will call it on pintrest.
I like what it says and feels that the info is true.
I am defiantly seeing a differences in my body but more so in my energy level which was never really lacking.
I just feel like I did when I was younger in the part I need very little sleep to function well on.
Now in the guide line it says your family wont notice 8 weeks but my 17 year old is defiantly noticing.
She is super blunt and the other day I was walking up the stairs in when she yells out nice but mom.
I said what do I have a wedgie?
She said mom no really nice but its round and cute and no longer flat.
Totally made my day!!
I have noticed the big change in my bum too in fact it is one of the biggest changes on my body.
I also have started a blog to track and encourage my fitness goals I f you want to check it out click HERE .
I hope every one else is having the same success as me it's not been easy but I have to tell you so worth it!!

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shaina said...

Good job!!! I'm sure I'd notice too, if I ever saw you!