Wednesday, February 15, 2012

We have a basement!

The other day we drove by our property and was surprised to find this sings with our address
And a hole in the ground.

I gotta tell you I never thought I would be so excited to see a mound of dirt.
For the first time building this house seems real.

We had some meetings with land scapers and the building super on Monday.
It was fun to see more progress.
They were doing some digging to put some drainage down.

From the street all you can see is this pile of dirt but when you went to the side you can see the basement walls.

How cool is this we now have a basement.
Next week framing will start I cant wait to see more progress.
We also learned the rest of the lots on our street were sold except the one next to us on the right.
I was worried that we were going to be the only ones on the street for a while.
I am excited that we will be having neighbors.

I will share new pix next week.
This house building business is so much fun!!


shaina said...

That is very fun!!

Turtles In North Dakota said...

Yay! I remember the excitement of seeing my house go up.How fun!

ter@waaoms said...

wish I could have afforded to build a house from scratch!

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