Sunday, September 7, 2008

Aprons , tote bags and Lippy stick..

Busey week end I did a lot of sewing and creating .. It felt so good. I made 3 aprons cut out 2 more and made 4 tote bags and managed to get 3 LO done. plus all the fun things I get to do as a Mom and even tried my hand at a Karate class. It was fun but I think I will stick to Yoga. I don't like the hitting part. I haven't taken pix of all my creations yet I was having too much fun so I will post them later but I will leave you with a fun pic of Benny boy looking all pretty. "Even boys like to try on the lippy stick it shouldn't be just for girls when it smells like candy" a quote from Ben..

Ohh and I have a Target update. The carts are all out front waiting to be loaded with fun yummy treasures and This is what the store looked like last week end..

It was empty with no merchandise but when I peeked in there last night There was candy in the check out aisle. That was a little trilling to me. It is so hard driving by there when it looks so ready to enter yet not be able to enter the doors.

So what did you all do this fine September week end?


Yarni Gras! said...

too cute....I remember when my son tried on my lipstick one day. He was so funny...then he said 'yuck' and wiped it off. I wasn't flavored!

Becky Heisler said...

Hey girly! How are you ?? I have really missed seeing you around AMM more! Looks like all is well though! :)

LOL your DS looks adorable!

Ande said...

Brennan likes my Victoria Secret gloss that I got on one of our group dates. He steals it whenever he can, I think he likes the smell of it. Between him and Hazel none of my chapsticks are safe. Our weekend was busy, Yard sale, then hit the mall and then played a ton of Wii Fit, so much fun. The boys love trying the Yoga on there.

shaina said...

we cleaned out the garage and did some fix up stuff around the house. Felt good to be productive.

crystal wolf said...

Benny boy is so silly. :D

Sarah C. said...

This post cracks me up! Are you a Target stalker now? ;) :D Hope they hurry up and open those doors so you can shop!