Monday, September 15, 2008

Hurricane Ben destroyed an apron today..

This morning I hear Ben say Momma please don't be mad. I said what did you do?
Ben said: I cut a big hole right threw your apron Please don't be mad.

Momma: OK lets see the damage.

Ben: I SO sorry here it is

Momma: Bawling

Ben :Bawling

Momma: Benny thats not my apron I needed to send it out today!

Ben I promise it will be OK!! I will help you make a new one !! You are a super fast good apron maker mommy.

Mommy: OK we will do our best...
One hour later it was done...

I don't have the heart to show the first one it was just so dang cute. The theme was dream vacation. the gal I had wanted to go to Hawaii with her 6 young Kids. So I made her an apron out of this Hawaiian Fabric . I also mad a very fun shell necklace and bracelet but forgot to take pix and 6 candy leis for her sweet children. I hope she likes it all.


shaina said...

You are so thoughtful. I"m sure she'll love that apron. It's very cute with the brown pocket and the frilly bottom.
I'm sure Ben felt terrible!!

Ande said...

Opps!!! Well, at least he told you and didn't hide it, what a good kid. I like the new one.

Yarni Gras! said... could she NOT like this apron? It is A M A Z I N G....I can't believe the first one was any cuter....seriously, I can't!

What a good boy you there for 'confessing' what he did. It means so much. My son broke a seriously crazy (not in a good way...) neighbor's windshield playing baseball when he was 8. Every other kid RAN but M just walked up, rang the doorbell and told him what happened. I will never forget it. It really takes nerve to tell the truth! Be proud! :-)

susan said...

oh wow. good mommy
i too would have cried
its purty

Sarah C. said...

Oh my. No more scissors for Ben. LOL The new apron is gorgeous! You are definitely queen of apron making. :D And how sweet to include all those extra goodies. Definitely a lucky gal getting that package.

toners said...

LOL!! And like Ande said, at least Ben was honest!