Friday, September 5, 2008

Holly Cow it's Friday!!!

Man this week went by fast.... I guess it is because of labor day on Monday. I am so ready for this weekend. Having baby M every day this week has left me running behind on things i wanted to get done.. I almost forgot how different baby work is from big kid work.. It takes so much more time to get any thing done with her under my feet. When I had her last year she was a baby baby and was not Mobil.

Any way I feel like I am behind on my scrapbooking sewing and fun things I like to do. Oh well the joy of having her around is worth it.. But having her every day sure makes me look forward to the weekends.. Even if I have nothing planed it's sometimes fun to just hang out with my family and play games and watch a movie.

I am also hoping to get some sewing and scrapbooking done.I have so many yummy papers calling my name... And a few aprons calling my name as well.

Here is an apron I made a few weeks ago for Miss Val I know it is safe and sound in her hot little hands despite Guston.. It was really fun to make.

So what are you all doing this first weekend of September? Any thing fun!!


val said...

I love it, I love it, I love it! Thank you! And thank you for the recipes and seeds! Now that Gusty Gustav has moved on, I can plant the seeds and make me a fancy margarita!

Karen and Matt said...

cute apron! Good luck getting what you want done. =) mobile babies almost make it impossible!!! This weekend we are going to get some trees planted in our backyard. =)

Elizabeth said...

I love to hear women who understand what I am going through starting over witha baby. I still don't get the weekends off, but Baby B is worth it.

The apron is so cute. I can't wait to see what the paper that is calling your name turns out to be.

crystal wolf said...

Nancy and I were just saying today how we wished we all lived in the same town. She could bring her girlie over and she could play with baby M for you.

toners said...

Such a pretty apron! No big plans here, one of the kiddos isn't feeling too great, so we'll be taking it easy - which suits me just fine :)