Monday, September 22, 2008

A is for apron!!

I finally broke down and got this book I have been wanting it for a while but I decided not to get it when I found out that it cost 8 dollars to enlarge each of the patterns. Yet I kept hearing talk about the book. They never had it anyany of my book stores so I asked my local Walden's to order it for me. When I saw the book I feel in love with it!! It is so fun and has great tips and fun fun patterns...So if you want a good apron book this is the one I would get.

An apron from Spain. I got this from a The cowboy apron swap that I was in over the summer. I was wondering if I was ever going to get it. but at last it arrived in the mail on Saturday. I think it is super cute!!

I will leave you with this no frills apron I made for a Gal in MT. She is a No Frills kinda gal that loves earth tone.. So I decided to go with this plane # I made it from Oilcloth so that it would be durable for when she gardens and dose her heavy duty cooking. I hope she likes it!!


Elizabeth said...

Wow how much fun. .nm
p-l]\/k]k88888-l0uuy8-? (Baby B took over) I just made a hooter hider, now I need to start up your special gift again. It would be out of season now. Oh well you will be so surprised to get it one day.

shaina said...

my sister loves that book. Glad you finally got it!! The aprons are always cute that you make, no matter if you use a pattern or not.

Yarni Gras! said...

great aprons! BTW, you will LOVE THAT BOOK! Check out the Loreli. I've used it a few times and it never lets me down........sooooo cute! I had to cut it down a bit to fit me better but it is really precious on.

We ought to do an apron-along and go thru the book making each apron together! That way, I can't avoid aprons that look to hard for me :-0

Toiling Ant said...

I have that book and there are sone fabulous patterns in there. I have been disappointed in the directions, though; there are missing steps, added steps, and just general confusion on several patterns (pretty much all the ones I have tried). It's not a problem if you're an experienced seamstress, but for a beginning it would be ROUGH.

I got my husband to enlarge the patterns for me in AutoCAD, and then I just taped all the pages together to make a complete pattern. :-P Not the prettiest method, but it worked and it was free. :-P