Sunday, September 12, 2010

Autumn wreath

In my all my holiday decoration I had no fall wreath.
I think in years past I just hung the Autumn sign up.
Well this year I wanted a wreath so in stead of hearing my husbands groans and moans in me buying an autumn wreath I made one with things I had around the house.
So I gathered all the fall foliage pix and what nots I had around the house, my old weathered autumn pumpkin and a grape vine wreath I had laying around.

I then placed the pumpkin in the middle and the foliage and what not's where I wanted them.
I weired down the pumpkin and hot glued every thing place.
It took my about 20 mins.
I am pretty happy with how it turned out.
Now I am off to the next project. Fabric pumpkins for Halloween.
So what fall projects are you working on?

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NadineC said...

It looks wonderful! Amazing what you can do with stuff laying around the house without going to buy more (not that I would know, LOL!). A beautiful wreath for you new red door :-)

Shayna @ Texas Monkey said...

This is too cute for words! I love it. It would be perfect for linking up to our Fall Decorations link up party, would love to have you join in!

AliLilly said...

That is a beautiful wreath! But OMG Edward is in your photo!! LOL I LOVE IT!!!!

Donene said...

I love how it looks on your door! Great Job!

Stephanie Glover said...

Love your wreath and your red door! I made a wreath too, but funny how I keep thinking I need to paint my door now. It never ends does it? =0) Great job!

The Cannary's said...

Way to recycle and what a lovely wreath! BTW, I laughed out loud at the wedding pic - it is priceless! (:

Shayna @ Texas Monkey said...

Still love this, thank you for linking up with All About You Monday, hope you come back next week where the theme is all about ribbon but any fun project, craft, recipe, etc is welcomed! So glad I found your blog!

AmieAnn said...

Such a sweet wreath! Love the butterflies!

Jill said...

Your wreath is gorgeous! I'd love for you to come and join my Fall link party next Friday (Sept. 24) and stop by because I'll be posting fall projects all week and featuring others too!