Monday, September 6, 2010

Encouragement and Support, and a little report.

I have been so impressed with my family's support and encouragement as I have been striving to get fit and healthy.
They ask me if I have worked out to when they come home from school, they have asked me to go jogging or walking with them.
They have been asking for healthy dinners and snacks.
my favorite supporter has to be Ben.

Every day he gives me a big hug and kiss and says mom you LOOK AWSOME!
I can already see your muscles getting big and your tummy getting small. ( he said this on day 2)
When you have a support team it really makes it easier.

Remember my plan is a 12 week life style change.
What this means is I am giving my self 12 weeks to get rid of bad habits and learn good ones.
My goal is to have a lean fit body in the end and to have created good habits.
I don't have a weight loss goal because for me I always weigh more when I am fit that when I am not.
The reason is because of muscle mass, muscles weigh more than fat.

Here is my report for the last 2 weeks.
I have done great on getting 6 small meals a day. I
I have more energy because my blood sugars are staying regular and because my blood sugars are staying my metabolism is working faster.
I can tell because I am hot all the time.
The first week I only worked out 4 times the second week I started Jillian Michael's 30 day shred.
I am on day 6, my goal is to make it through the full 30 days. In the past the furthest I have made it is day 17.
OK I weighed myself today and was surprised to see a five pound loss.
I have taken a half inch off my waist and a half inch of my thighs.
I was very happy with what the results.
I will report back in another 2 weeks and let you know how I am doing.
Wish me luck!


Valerie said...

Good luck my dear! It sounds like you are off to a great start. Keep it up!
I love that picture of you and Ben! It's a favorite!

jillytacy said...

Congrats! It's great that you have your family's support, that has to make it easier! The extra hugs and encouragement certainly can't hurt!

Ande said...

Way to go!!!! I am scared to see what mine are today. Hopefully not too much of a difference then last time.

Look What The Kat Dragged In said...

Keep that smile on your face and remember . . . if you start to get bitchy have a cookie!

Roselle said...

WTG...You have given me inspiration and a good idea. I like the "12 weeks to get fit and healthy". Can you explain about blood sugars and being hot all the time? I've never heard that is how you can tell you're metabolism is working. Ya learn something new every day! LOL