Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Way to high for me!

I looked out the window and was shocked to see a man in a cherry picker high above all the house in our neighborhood.
I have to say this kinda freaked me out.
My kids thought it was cool.
But it just made me want to cringe.
I do have to say I am in Awe that this guy can stomach being so high in the sky.
My question of the day are you scared of heights?
For me it depends on where it is and how high.


Ande said...

yes I am!!!!!!

Turtles In North Dakota said...

yes yes yes......

danandcami said...

YES I am too!! I don't like to look down, but like to be brave enough to try CERTAIN things! I wouldn't like to be that guy and it seems he didn't really need to be that high! What was he doing with that tree?

Teresa aka MarieSews said...

Yeah....well that would be too much for me. I agree with the previous comment...where's the tree that branch came from?

About 15 years ago, we replaced the tv antenna on my parent's house. There were 5 of us clinging for dear life to the chimney and scooting across the roof of a one-story house trying to look brave but all scared out of our wits. We all pitched in and got them cable!