Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Yummy Caramel Cashew Chocolate pretzel treat.

When Dale and I were in Disneyland in february we discovered this yummy caramel, cashew, chocolate, pretzel, treat.
What ever they are called they were addicting and yummy.
They were also expensive 6 dollars for one.
They seemed simple enough to make.
  For family home evening in preparation for our Disneyland trip we made them with the kids.

The kids loved makeing them.
Now that they are all gone we want more..

I know you want to try them to so here we go.
1. bag of caramel.
1.bag of chocolate chips.
1. bag of pretzel rods
1 can of cashews
Melt the unwrap the caramel or buy the already unwrapped ones melt them with one tbs of water.
Next coat the pretzel rods then roll in cashews.
Let them sit for about 20 mins.
Melt chocolate chips ( I take tow pans one slightly bigger fill it with water bring to a boil then take it of burner then put smaller pan on top with chocolate chips inside and melt.
Once chocolate is melted coat the nut caramel pretzel rod with chocolate.
Let dry for a few hours until chocolate is harden.
Then eat and be in treat heaven.

I am getting so excited for our trip.
I just need to make some Disney fun outfits for the kids..

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shaina said...

Yummy. We might just have to have a treat night around here. Maybe on Saturday, when husbands are at priesthood session!