Monday, September 27, 2010

Photo Shoot.

Yesterday Dan and Kadie came over for dinner.
They asked me if I would take their fall pictures.
So we had a lot of fun taking dorky picture's.
This one was my favorite pic.
This one just makes me laugh.
Dan wanted to do this Jacob , Edward thing.
I guess this is his Edward look.

I laugh every time I see these pictures of Dans Jacob look.
Mostly because in every on Kadie is laughing in every one.
I love these two they make me feel young..
I can't wait to see what kinda pix we take in Disneyland.
Just 3 more weeks.
I guess I better get going on the fun things I am going to be making for the kids.
I can't wait to get my self in the California sunshine.


Karen and Matt said...

How fun! What a cute couple they are. Love the whole edward/jacob thing going on. Too funny! Disney land...Lucky! Hope the time flies by fast so you can go play! =)

Ande said...

Oh my Gosh, laughing so hard right now.