Thursday, September 30, 2010

Stress and Excited !

We are going to Disneyland in 2 weeks!
Not just Dale and I this time the whole family!
Hence the stress.
My heart keeps pounding when ever I think of all the things I need to do.
I have a list about 20 miles long.
Make shirts for me Ben and Maddy.
Get snacks for the plane ride
Get snacks for Disneyland
Make sure everyone has nice clothes
make sure we have enough carry on bags
Get toilteries
Clean house from to to bottom.
Get trading pins off ebay.
And the list goes on.
Even thoe I am stressed I am excited and I also noticed how really back I am.
I have mentioned before that I feel I am back to old Jennifer from before William died just improved.
But the down fall is I am back to my old craziness that everyone has to look perfect when we go out in public.
I think my kids are cursing this.
I am also back to everything has have themes,and my over planning. I know I am driving Dale nuts but secretly he loves it.

I do have a question for everyone that has gone to Disneyland Do you have any tips?
Or cool information that nobody knows about Disney?
I guess I better get back to my craziness.


Erin Terry said...

Your older kids might enjoy searching for all the "Hidden Mickeys" around Disneyland.
Hope you guys have fun. Wish it would have worked out that we were there at the same time!

Erin Terry said...
This Link may also be helpful.

Turtles In North Dakota said...

I can only tell you to NOT miss the aladdin show in California adventure.

Leslie said...

If you have an iPhone download the mousewait app. It really helped knowing what the wait times were on the rides.

danandcami said...

Just remember that you will have a good time even if everything on the list doesn't get done! It is the time together and the memories that last-the matching shirts or pins or whatever you think you REALLY NEED will some day be given to good will or thrown away! You want to enjoy yourself so don't wear yourself out before you get there! HAVE A GREAT TIME!!!

Teresa aka MarieSews said...

Fast passes are great if they are still doing them. Last time we were there was 2007 and things change. Hopefully you have multiple days in the park so you can enjoy it at your leisure. Go early, take a break mid-day. Eat lunch outside the park (way cheaper!). Go back for the evening shows. Relax! Have Fun! Don't stress over the crowds. DLand is always crowded so just breathe, relax, and enjoy.

Tulsi said...

We only had 6 of us going(which is our whole family before the Mission), Steve, I and 3 kids (adult, old teens) plus on son in law. I figured that we had made plans in advance and decided that we weren't leaving the park until ready. We ate at the park. Snacked at the park, had matching raincoats. When the children were small, we had them in matching cloths so they were easy to find. We did eat dinner out of the park, but really, it wasn't that much cheaper. We bought tickets for both parks for 4 days. Everyone was sick of it the 4th day. We were close enough to drive, but took two cars that we paid for all of the gas. We paid for all motels. Fast passes were great.

Valerie said...

Call my Mom!! she wants to meet you there! I'll email you her number. CALL HER!!!

Yvette said...

Our family just went this past spring were about 30 minutes from the Happiest Place on EArth :)....I totally recommend the FAST the rides that tend to have LONG waiting lines first. If you go to California Adventure do the Tower of Terror first I could only do that ride ONCE the kids can do it over and stomach was just not up to it.

Take lots of snacks and water :).

You will have a great time!!!

I hope the weather is nice while your here it's been hot and humid this past week,,,

Look What The Kat Dragged In said...

Woot, I will be shipping the Alice dress to you in the morning, Tuesday.